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Herrgårdens woman society (HKF) is a volunteer organization that was started in the year 2000. The organization is aimed specifically towards supporting immigrant women in the Rosengård area in Malmö.

HKF works actively to strenghten women’s values and to help them adjust to Swedish society. It encourages the members to do develop their skills and to get education. It is a safe and warm meeting place where the women can feel free to be themselves.

There was a time when the members had equipment to weave, but it has since been lost in a devastating fire. Now the women wish to raise enough money to sell some of their own handcraft products to buy new equipment.

Main focuses

Herrgårdens Woman Society´s goal is to increase and improve the quality of life and to develop an equal perspective for “new Swedes”. Our focus lies on integration and education, since many of our 450 members are unemployed and unfamiliar with the Swedish language. Therefore, we organize regular study circles to strengthen the women’s talents and skills.

We have created a meeting place that gives an opportunity for dialogue on important and interesting subjects such as: health in a holistic view, lifestyle and nutrition. With a positive attitude and engagement we aim to improve the social position of our members to empower them when they are out looking for occupation and friendship.

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